About me


Hi! My name is Maria Luisa and I’m the designer behind The Flying Cactus. I started making earrings for myself back in Andalucía, Spain when I was very young. Upon moving to Miami two years ago, I had the opportunity to participate in my first pop-up show ever, The Miami Flea, and I thought: why not? I loved the vibe, meeting other vendors who, in time, became friends and also seeing people wearing my creations. The designs have evolved a little since that first show and I’m still enjoying attending pop-ups and connecting with people through my jewelry.


Most of the materials in the “classics” and “pearls” collections come from Spain, and are inspired by nature. I believe in making a statement with every look, and there is no outfit that can’t be upgraded with a beautiful pair of earrings.


The first thing that people often ask me at shows is: why that name? The Flying Cactus has a beautiful and personal story behind it! When I first met my now husband, Ignacio, he used to call me cactus because I wouldn’t hold his hand on our first dates. Since we had a long distance relationship in the beginning, I spent a good amount of time flying between Dallas and Miami, and thus The Flying Cactus was born :)


I chose the Monstera leaf as part of the logo because they are all over Miami and, for me, they represent the beautiful city where this project was born.